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The Corneiro Family
Francisco Corneiro arrived from Portugal in the early 1800's and settled in the Danish West Indies.  Since then, the Corneiro family have been fixtures in the island's community.
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Fermin Corneiro
The Corneiros migrated from Portugal in the early 1800's and in 1906, Fermin Maximin Corneiro purchased Seven Arches and made it the Corneiro family home for the next 60 years.  Fermin brought the family goldsmith trade with him and also a man of many interests including music, stamp collecting and astronomy.  He is shown wearing the Venezuelan Busto de Bolivar medal.
Conrad Corneiro
In 1914, Conrad Corneiro inherited the house from his father.  Throughout Conrad's career he worked as a newspaper editor, banker, goldsmith and statesman.  In 1936, Conrad would become the first President of the Virgin Islands Legislature.
In 1922, Conrad and three other distinguished Virgin Islanders visited Washington D.C. to push for more autonomy for Virgin Islanders. Several years later in 1936, the passage of the Organic Act helped to establish right and civil liberties that all Virgin Islanders enjoy today.
Collage showing five generations of the Corneiro men. 
Corneiro Family
Seven Arches is located directly behind the Governon and Lieutenant Governor's Mansions which allowed the Corneiro Family ready access to some of the islands most influential people.  In the years to come, one of the Corneiro sons named Francisco Corneiro would become the island's Attorney General and at one point even ran for Governor himself.